"Brilliant Legend" Diamonesk® Ring

My design for the 'Brilliant Legend' Diamonesk® Ring was like visiting an old friend. I was set on creating a piece that would not only replicate the grandeur of the original Liz Taylor ring, but would also capture all of its fiery brilliance, which seems to embody the woman who wore it.

"Brilliant Legend" Diamonesk® Necklace

I am absolutely delighted to have been asked by The Bradford Exchange to re-create my design of Elizabeth Taylor's famous diamond necklace. Whether you are a collector or just passionate about jewelry, I sincerely hope the "Brilliant Legend" Diamonesk® Necklace brings you great pleasure.

"Luminous Allure" Pearl Necklace

I wanted to capture the iridescent luster and dazzling sparkle of the famous pearl necklace that Elizabeth Taylor in a piece, at once, both luxurious and affordable. True to the original, I used the overall design in this new necklace to draw the eye to the final, spectacular drop pearl. In my re-creation, I captured the perfect surface and captivating luminescence of the amazing Peregrina pearl with a stunning cultured freshwater pearl.

The floral motif in solid sterling silver from which the pearl is suspended recalls my original design as well and equals its sparkle, with a stunning display of three clear Diamonesk® stones-an exclusive simulated diamond that rivals the brilliance of the finest diamonds, and a rich simulated ruby pear-shaped stone at the center. A fourth glistening Diamonesk® stone connects the floral design and the pearl, and an engraved Alfred Durante monogrammed tag at the clasp finishes the 18" sterling silver chain.

"Monaco" Signature Shoulder Bag

With the "Monaco" Signature Shoulder Bag, which I created for The Bradford Exchange, I wanted to create a bag that instilled confidence in the person carrying it. I want it to be practical and versatile... a bag that could stand up to everyday use. But I also wanted it to have a look that would not only turns heads, but would stand the test of time and be as stylish a year from now as it is today.

The colorful, custom pattern of basic black that I used will go great with any number of items in your wardrobe from evening dresses to casual blouses and jeans. And with the help of my friends at The Bradford Exchange, I know that we have created a durable bag of the finest quality with many wonderful features.

"Royal Inspiration" Gallery Handbag

For me, the glamour and allure of those in the spotlight extends to royalty, and in particular the royal family in England. And, like you, I am sure, I was up early on the day Prince William and Catherine Middleton exchanged vows, so I wouldn't miss a thing. I have always been impressed with how Catherine carries herself in public. Her understated elegance suits both her youthful demeanor and her new position of social standing. On her wedding day, she was all the more stunning... an absolute icon of style and grace. Of course, I was pleased to see that she wore the famous Cartier tiara.

That magical occasion inspired me to create a piece that would properly celebrate the wedding's grandeur and capture Kate's fresh take on classic elegance. But it had to be something that any woman would enjoy having in their wardrobe. A custom bag seemed like the perfect answer -- something beautiful, practical and with just a touch of regal splendor. I wanted it to be something to remind the wearer that when she carries it... she can feel like a princess too.

Richmond Signature Hobo

Southport Signature Zipper Tote

South Hampton Tote

Central Park Signature Crossbody Bag

The Duchess Gallery Handbag

The Duchess Lace Gallery Handbag